Our Story

Mahihkan (often pronounced M’can) is the Cree word for Wolf.

Wherever the Wolf exists in the natural environment, it holds important symbolism to humans.   In the Cree culture, the Wolf is a powerful medicine and embodies courage, intelligence, strength, loyalty, and success at hunting.   The symbolism is a metaphor for having business success.

In May 2022 Pearl, Vanessa, Nicole, and Gary decided to pursue a new business, and agreed that Pearl, our Indigenous partner, should be the majority owner.   The goal of Mahihkan is to deliver exceptional results to our clients, while closely following our principles and values.  With the formation of Mahihkan, the owners are realizing their passion for blending Indigenous values and protocols with professionally organized engagements and events.

Let us know about your next event, and we'll help make it a big success!