Facilitation Services

Mahihkan delivers engagements that meet the needs of the situation.

We can help when it is appropriate to take a general approach and when it is more suitable to have subject matter expertise.   The Mahihkan/VGN team of consultants, facilitators, and partners - both Indigenous and non-Indigenous - specialize in a variety of subject matters, including:

Emergency management

Environment and climate change

Comprehensive community planning

Economic development

Fiscal analysis


Generational trauma


Housing and infrastructure

Indigenous rights and recognition


Language and culture


Social assistance

Technical services

The facilitators will work alongside our event team to provide the quality event service you require to meet your goals. Some of our projects require the following which our facilitators can support:

Overseeing break-out moderators and assisting in formulating questions for discussion

Administering surveys to help develop a focus for upcoming meetings

Developing criteria for the selection of focus group participants

Supporting requirements for bilingual facilitation and translation

Chairing internal meetings and focus groups to review and receive feedback on draft documents for larger meetings

Preparing a written report of recommendations/analysis and interim and final reports

The facilitators are also mindful in their facilitation style to contribute to a culturally safe meeting that is respectful of Indigenous values and past trauma.  We are also able to support sensitive meetings with grounding sessions and can ensure that a trauma counsellor is on hand.

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Notetaking and
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Facilitation Services


Facilitation services and so much more

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Facilitation Services
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